The Healthcare Heretic is both a call for disruptive change to a system that is clearly broken and a rallying cry to potential leaders of the economy of the future. It challenges the obsolete mindset of the Industrial Age – decayed notions that have lulled corporations, and the people who work for them, into the illusion that doing things the “old way” is safe, and that change is a danger to all.

By exposing the myths, fears, and distorted belief systems that have caused people to sleepwalk through their life and work rather than live it courageously, Natalie Yeadon offers the reader – and the healthcare system – an opportunity to break free from the protectionist status quo and crippling establishment thinking that keeps us fettered to the past.

Yeadon instead invites readers to dare to assume a leadership role in the new, connected economy: one that promises congruency, authentic partnering, and more power in the hands of loyal “tribes.” New technologies and new partnerships promise to bring to the exploding medical field the commoditization of medical knowledge, empowered patients… and the catalyzing force needed to fuel a healthcare revolution. About the Author Natalie Yeadon is an entrepreneur, a sought-after lecturer, and an inductee in the Top 100 Inspiring People in Pharma.

Before entering the pharmaceutical industry, Yeadon spent four years as a radiation therapist treating cancer patients which shaped her perspective on society’s big health issues. This life-and-death work also inspired the vision of her company, Impetus Digital, to catalyze authentic partnerships between healthcare stakeholders through online advisory boards and working groups. The Healthcare Heretic, her provocative first book, seeks to rattle healthcare leaders into evoking disruptive change.

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