Do you start your day snarling at your frazzled reflection in the mirror? Have you ever consulted Dr. Google and scared yourself half to death? Get a better understanding of how your analog body works. Understand how to make big-time improvements in real-time.  Finally ditch a few habits which are so automatic you may not be aware they’re fast-tracking you to poor health, anxiety, depression, obesity, diabetes, burnout and chronic pain?  Yep, those habits! If you want to feel and look 100% better 6 short weeks from now… you just have to get connected to what your analog body has been trying to tell you all along.

The Body Connection is guaranteed to make you feel more alive… and it just might save your life!  At last! Suzanna Hammond has captured the essentials of her extensive health wisdom in an easily accessible read.   Gems of pure common sense gathered from her many years as a transformational bodywork practitioner, remedial massage therapist, holistic health coach, personal trainer, aromatherapist and natural skin care guru - combined with the rollicking and provocative sense of humour you’d expect from an all-round Wise Woman who has survived a few serious health challenges herself.   E. Joy Bowles, PhD, BSc, author, educator, researcher

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