Have you ever wondered: “What the heck is wrong in our health care systems?”

We have made such great progress in medicine, science, and overall care, but yet, in many places, we seem to hit a ceiling of affordability, waste, and quality.

Do you want to be part of the solution rather than part of the problem?

But, so far, have you wondered how you could possibly contribute?

Do you feel exhausted by the many attempts to fix the system?

At the dawn of the Covid-19 pandemic, are you curious about how health care works?

Then, this book is definitely for you!

About the Author

Dr Voelter is a passionate Internist & Oncologist, always at the forefront of patients’ needs & the latest breakthrough science. During both her clinical & executive business career in health care, she collected a unique set of expertise in both the public and the private sectors. She is passionate about co-creating collaborative solutions across the main ‘5P’ decision makers in the ecosystem: patients, providers, pharma, payers & policymakers.

She is the Founder & Managing Director of 5P Health Care Solutions®, a consulting firm that aims to foster co-creation of collaborative solutions between the 5Ps.

Furthermore, Prof Voelter is passionate about sharing her breadth & depth of expertise within Northwestern University, Kellogg’s School of Medicine Public Private Initiative.

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