Build an operating system to ensure patient preferences drive your decentralized trial approach,

The fact that the pandemic necessitated and drove the adoption of Decentralized Clinical Trial (DCT) approaches is old news. We’ve all seen it happen, and we all by now know it’s started an unstoppable momentum toward a different clinical development future – a patient-centred future.

Now we’re faced with a new set of challenges to overcome to make this momentum reality now.

Most biopharma companies plan to integrate DCT tools and methods even further into their clinical trials—but the majority lack the internal capabilities to do so. We need a consistent, technology-led approach that can gather patient preferences fast enough to shape trial design in real-time and optimize possibilities for enrolment and retention. It must be agile enough to integrate into traditional trials with brick-and-mortar sites and scalable enough to empower clinical trials in hybrid or virtual format—unbound by geographic limitations.

Join Bayer, Sanofi, Merck, Duke Clinical Research Institute and Science37 as they discuss how to implement a broader, more inclusive approach to study design and conduct. Discover:

  • Understand how to build an integrated DCT operating system: Optimise enrolment and retention, streamline trial designs and reduce application complexity to deliver data more quickly and efficiently
  • Fulfil unmet patient needs with accelerated tech maturity: Identify key factors to consider when selecting technologies, such as patient engagement platforms and wearable data collection devices for rare disease trials
  • Ensure patient-focused study design: Collaborate with advocacy group to ensure every endpoint is both regulator and patient-preferred
  • Leverage investigator networks to accelerate site start-up

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