As pharma continues its fight against COVID-19, its battle against climate change is also starting to gain pace, with many companies having now set ambitious emissions targets and declaring their intention to lower their environmental footprint over the next few decades.

To avoid these goals becoming generic claims, execution now must be equally as bold as the targets set. So, how amongst so much current disruption does pharma make this real and link emission reduction targets to their economic value and core long-term business model?

In this Reuters Events webinar in collaboration with Deloitte, join leadership from AstraZeneca, Roche, and Health Care Without Harm, as they discuss the current pharma climate sustainability landscape, what actions have been taken so far, their impact, and what else we must do now to ensure intention becomes reality.

Key learnings include:

  • How reputation, duty of care, regulation and competitive advantage factors come together to drive pharma’s climate friendly ambitions
  • Approaches to integrate emission reduction commitments into the DNA of your organisation to result in business and environmental benefits
  • See what new talent, investments and operating models are required to ensure the required cultural and strategic transformations
  • Explore how pressure from and collaboration with wider healthcare stakeholders, such as the public, providers and policy makers, can help to further move the dial and deliver change for the broader ecosystem

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