Deliver permanent patient-centric change The importance of reducing the patient burden, ensuring patient-preferred trials, caring for vulnerable groups and proving patient education has never been greater than now during the Covid-19 pandemic. Is this a hugely challenging time? Undoubtedly so. Yet it is also an opportunity for permanent patient-centric change. In the “new normal”, clinical trials will not become remote out of necessity, but because it is what the patient needs. If you’re not establishing long-term patient partnerships, you’ll be behind the curve. Not using real-world insights to prove beyond doubt to internal decision-makers and external regulators that the patient-centric way is the only way? You’ll be left behind. Pharma & Patient Europe was here at the very start of the patient centricity movement and we’ll be here again, for the 17th year, be it virtually, bringing together Europe’s leaders and patient stakeholders together, once again as we enter a new era.


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