NextGen production |How to build a successful digital factory

NextGen production |How to build a successful digital factory

Key Takeaways

The Digital Factory!

Most mid-sized companies’ Industry 4.0 projects are still at an early stage of development

- 40% of the projects exist as an idea
- 25%  are in the planning stage

What is missing is a clear target picture for the digitalized factory

Five dimensions:

1. Digital ecosystem: Networking production into the supply chain and linking to sales and service. Cooperating with other companies and partners

2. Digital production system: Value creation processes and technical standards for all plants

3. Digital shopfloor: Digitalization implemented with the help of “smart” machines, interactive automation solutions

4. Digital workforce: Involvement of management and employees in the development and implementation of the digital factory

5. Digital enablers: Computing power, storage space and algorithms are core

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