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curated health is an independent platform where you can find news, articles, reports, podcasts, videos and events on digital health, artificial intelligence, healthtech, innovation, and startups.

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My Story

I’m Hicham Naim, a husband and father, healthcare professional, business strategist, strategy consultant, digital enthusiast, blogger, conference speaker.

My motto is “Better Health for People, Brighter Future for the World.”

I’m captivated by how technology disrupts healthcare and is always looking for new knowledge to keep up with the latest evolutions. I create this platform to find, curate, and spread trustworthy knowledge about health, innovation, and digital.

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What is Curated Health?

curated health is an independent platform dedicated to finding, curating, and spreading trustworthy knowledge about health, technology and innovation. It is a learning, sharing and collaboration space.


curated health offers different content format based on the audience preferences:

− Read: articles, white papers, reports, and books

− Listen: podcasts on digital health and related topics

− Watch: videos and YouTube channels

− Attend: healthcare-related events, such as conferences, webinars, and workshops

curated health covers different topics:
− Artificial Intelligence

− Digital Therapeutics

− Digital Medicine

− Telehealth

− Value-Based Healthcare

− Etc.

Why did I launched Curated Health?

Learning about innovations and trends helps us better serve patients and customers, advance our careers, and contribute meaningfully to our community and industry.

Unfortunately, when you work in our fast-growing sector, it can feel like you’re drowning in news and resources, making it challenging to keep up.

My focus is to cut through the noise and distill knowledge in a user-friendly format. I select and organize information and resources for healthcare professionals, leaders, innovators, founders, students, and informed general public to help people discover content that matters most to them.

Another factor that makes it challenging to stay up-to-date with the relevant knowledge is noise. By “noise,” I mean content that isn’t useful, relevant, or helpful.

This noise fills your feed up with useless information, making it more difficult to find what you need.

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Who are my advisors?

Blaise Jacholkowski

I am Blaise Jacholkowski, entrepreneur, advisor, mentor, past Board member, and consultant in the Digital Health space.

My motto is My motto is "Health is like your capital, you have to invest in it regularly if you want it to grow.

I am a techno-optimist, fascinated by how science has started unveiling the complexity of human biology and how our behavior can influence our health. Recently we made a lot of progress in the fields of the microbiome and genetics to name a few, but we are still at the beginning of the journey to make precision medicine happen.

Thanks to the Big Data & Digital revolution we are able to generate new insights and develop disruptive technologies that will change our lives for the better - I am pleased to bring my tiny contribution to building trustworthy knowledge in this area.

Feel free to contact me here